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Research Interests
Scientific Computing with emphasis on optimization, including applications of optimization in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering.
Recent research accomplishments

Academic lineage from the Mathematical Genealogy Project: H.Mittlemann (misspelled) -> Willi Törnig -> Hermann König -> Ludwig Prandtl -> August Föppl -> Felix Klein -> Rudolf Lipschitz -> Gustav Dirichlet -> Joseph Fourier -> Joseph Louis Lagrange -> Leonhard Euler
H.Mittlemann (misspelled) -> Willi Törnig -> Hermann König -> Carl David Runge -> Ernst Eduard Kummer -> Heinrich Friedrich Scherk -> Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel -> Carl Friedrich Gauss

Publications (my numbers are Erdős&Lions&Fletcher&Powell 3 Courant&Einstein&Dantzig 4 Hilbert&Nash&von Neumann 5 Gauss&Ramanujan&Turing 6)
Several selected recent publications are available. my Google Scholar Profile

Talks Recent talks

Picture at console of a paper-tape reading Siemens 2002 computer in 1968 (click to enlarge): JPG

Short Curriculum Vita (Here is a longer CV: PDF)

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