NSIPS-AMPL options

armijo         Constant in Armijo rule
bfgsskip       Constant for BFGS curvature condition
damped         Damped BFGS updating formula
delta          Barrier parameter delta
disc_dist      Distance between neighbours
disc_eps       Epsilon starting value in discretization method, Reemtsen version
disc_h         Initial discretization grid space
disc_h_mx      Total number of Halton points
disc_ha_mx     Number of Halton points added in each level
disc_inner     Number of inner iterations
disc_k         Level of discretization
dual_ini       Reset in initial guess
int_amp        Minimum integral amplitude
int_corr       Number of correction in predictor corrector
int_eps        Smoothing parameter for differentiability
int_epsfactor  Epsilon factor
int_epslimit   Epsilon limit
int_error      Precision in integral computation
int_maxit      Maximum number of iterations in interior point
int_merit      Merit function in interior point method
int_n          Number of initial intervals in adaptative integration
int_ord        Ordering in solving KKT system
int_prec       Interior point stopping criteria
int_tau        Relaxation on problem transcription
maxiteri       Maximum of inner iterations
maxitero       Maximum of outer iterations
method         The solver method
miu0           Initial penalty parameter value
miuf           Multiplying factor for the penalty parameter
pf_eps         Smoothing parameter for differentiability
pf_int         Adaptative formula to use
pf_preci       Inner iteration stopping criteria
pf_preco       Outer iteration stopping criteria
pf_type        The penalty function
reset          Reset of inverse Hessian estimation after n updates
scale          Scaling search direction
theta          Minimum of the initial slack variables
updtb          Update barrier formula to use
watchdog       with or without watchdog tecnique
watchmax       Maximum number of increase in the merit function (watchdog)